Look Busy, Jesus Is Coming Look Busy, Jesus Is Coming
Look Busy, Jesus Is Coming
by John Shafer

Intro: Have you ever been at work and had someone yell, "Look busy because the boss is coming,"or something similar? Just a week ago I saw this lapel button that stated the following, "Look Busy,Jesus Is Coming.

1. What exactly does this imply?

a. Look busy or in other words act. You certainly wouldn't want to actually be busy.
And yet Jesus, our great example certainly didn't act, for He stated in John 9:4. . .

b. The Pharisees were always religious, or at least seemed to be, and yet Jesus calls them hypocrites. According to Vines Dictionary of New Testament Words, the original meaning of the word hypocrite, is a stage actor. . . . .Matthew 23:13-15. They were doing a good job of acting but weren't actually practicing what they preached. Jesus didn't want his disciples to be just actors. . .He wanted them committed to the Work.

c. Neither should we be counted with the actors. . .we should not be playing the part of a Christian, but rather living the life. Revelation 2:10 doesn't say, Be thou faithful for a little while, but rather, Be thou faithful unto death. Nothing has changed, we just like the early Christians are to remain faithful. . .to keep on being faithful. . .something that is active not passive.

2. The Boss is coming.

a. How does the world view this? The Boss is away so the mice will play. In other words as long as I don t get caught, it really doesn't matter what type of job I do. Some believe that the only time they need do anything is when they are being watched.

b. Do we truly believe that God is omnipresent? Do we really believe that God is everywhere? Then the question is, why don't we act like it? Is it perhaps because we are nothing more than Sunday morning Christians?

We come to services on Sunday morning and then go home like nothing ever happened.

c. How are we to work? As a Christian are we not obligated to do the best we can each and every day? As Christians we are to be a light in the world. . .Matthew 5:14. This isn't something we turn on and off like a light switch! Christianity is a full-time position even though some act like it is strictly part-time. What do we do with part-time jobs? I get a hangnail and so I call in sick. . .someone's coming to visit, so I come up with an excuse. . .etc. Do we do the same thing when it comes to living our Christianity? Ephesians 6:5...Colossians 3:22. . .Are we not slaves of our Master Jesus? Then why is it we are not doing His bidding? Saturday night we were able to run and play but come Sunday morning, what do we do? Oh I'm just too tired. . .I've got this terrible headache... Company is coming...

c. The Scriptures say that indeed the Lord is Coming!

a. When should we be prepared? Many will try and predict when the Lord is coming. Why they'll even try to use the Bible to prove it. Many books were written about Saddam (Husein) in the recent past as being one of the signs that the Lord would soon return. But what exactly does the Bible say about His coming again? 1 Thessalonians 5:2 ff. . .2 Peter 3:10. . .If we only knew what time the thief was coming, we'd have the police waiting and ready to arrest them. We need to be ready for the Lord's returning at anytime not just when it's convenient for us! Yes there is a Great Day Coming. . .Are You Ready For the Judgment Day?

Look Busy, Jesus Is Coming. . .John Shafer. . .

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