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Welcome to International Bible Studies Tracts with some in Spanish

All the tracts listed, except where noted *, are available for Free in hard copy from Jack H Williams and 39th Street church of Christ in Independence MO

  Spanish Download all Spanish Tracts
  Spanish :¿Bautismo? by Chuck Northrop
  Spanish :La Iglesia Del Primer Siglo Hoy? by Jim O'Connor
  Spanish :LA ¿Proviene La Biblia De Dios O De Hombre? by Chuck Northrop
  Spanish :LA ¿Antiguo O Nuevo Testamento, Cual Debemos Seguir? by Chuck Northrop
  Spanish ¿Que Sabemos De La Vida Eterna? Por Larry Growns
  Spanish ¿Que Debo Hacer Para Ser Salvo? Por Jack Williams
  Spanish ¿Quien Le Interesa Si Usted Esta Perdido?
  Spanish el agua en vino? Por Chuck Northrop
  A World Without God by Jack H Williams
  Abortion: Right or Wrong by Jeremy Northrop
  *A Closer Look At Promise Keepers - B. J. Clarke
  An Interview with a False Teacher by Jack Williams
  Baptism by Chuck Northrop
  Can We Know the Answers to the Questions of Live by Chuck Northrop
  Can We Know the Origin of Life by Robin W Haley
  Can We Know the Preparation for Eternal Life by Larry Growns
  Dating? by Billy Goring
  Did JESUS turn water into wine? by Chuck Northrop
  Does God Really Exist? by Robin W Haley
  Does My Baby Need to be Baptized? by Robin W Haley
  Does the First Century church Exists Today? by Jim O'Connor
  Euthanasia by Bill Goring
  "Except Ye Repent" by Jim O'Connor
  *Hand Clapping In Lieu Of Amens by Ben F Vick Jr
  Have You Voted? by Jack H Williams
  Homosexuality by Phil Williams
  How to Be Free by Jack H Williams
  Human Pain and Suffering by Chuck Northrop
  Inspiration, Is the Bible from God or Man? by Chuck Northrop
  Introducing the church of Christ by Jack H Williams
  Is Conversion a Miracle? by Jim O'Connor
  Is Ignorance an Excuse? by Chuck Northrop
  Is It Reasonable? by Jeremy Northrop
  Jesus Has Only One church! by Randy Watson
  Jesus, Son of God by Chuck Northrop
  Living Together - Right or Wrong? by Chuck Northrop
  *Look Busy, Jesus Is Coming by John Shafer
  Old or New Testament, Which Should We Follow? by Chuck Northrop
  Pornography in Art: Right or Wrong? by Jarrod Williams
  Responsibility to Our Elders by Bill Goring
  The church of Christ, Who Are These People? by Larry Growns
  What About the Thief on the Cross? by Jack H Williams
  What Is the "Fruit of the Vine?" by Robin W Haley
  What Must I Do to Be Saved? by Jack H Williams
  Who Cares If You're Lost? by Jim O'Connor
  Worship - God, the Object by Jim O'Connor
  Worship - In Spirit and In Truth by Ted Thrasher
  Worship - Misconceptions by Eugene Jenkins
  Worship - Unauthorized by Jack H Williams
  Worship - The Avenue of Prayer by Jeremy Northrop
  Worship - The Avenue of Song by Robin W Haley
  Worship - The Avenue of Communion by Bill Goring
  Worship - The Avenue of Instruction by Chuck Northrop
  Worship - The Avenue of Contribution by Randy Watson
  Worship - My Responsibility by Phil Williams


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