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Welcome to a Biblical Study that you can study at your own pace. Scriptures are taken from the King James and the American Standard of 1901.


Greetings and welcome to this portion of your study of the word of God, the Bible.  We commend you for your interest in spiritual matters and we pledge ourselves to assist you in any way that we can in your study.

We remind you that the Bible is the basic text for your study.   If you do not have one and cannot obtain one, then write to us and we will send you one.  Draw your own conclusions as to what the Bible teaches on any given subject.   This is important because your faith must come from your own
personal knowledge of the scriptures.  This is the only way to assure that your faith is in God and not in man.

Study the lessons using the Bible as your text, then complete the question sheets that are supplied for this series.  You may submit your answers in any of three ways:

  • Use the print button on your web browser to print the question sheet, fill out the sheets, and mail them to me.  (IBS, PO BOX 643, Kearney, NE  68848-0643)
  • Click "File, Save As..." to save the answer sheet as a text file, which you can then edit your answers into.  Then e-mail the text file to me: as a file attachment, or cut-n-paste the text into an e-mail message.
  • Write me and request the correspondence course by mail.  (This course is offered to you at no cost.)

Lesson One: Who Is This God of Heaven?
Lesson Two: If God Cares, Why Doesn't He Communicate With Me?
Lesson Three: If God Cares, Why Are There So Many Religions to Confuse Me?
Lesson Four: If God Cares, Why Is This So-called Christianity Divided?
Lesson Five: If God Cares, What Has He Done to Prove It?
Lesson Six: God Does Care, and Seeks to Generate Faith in the Hearts of Men!
Lesson Seven: Does the God of Heaven Care About Me?
Lesson Eight: God Does Care, and Wants Man's Commitment and Allegiance to His Son by Confession of Faith
Lesson Nine: God Does Care and Wants to Forgive
Lesson Ten: God Does Care and Will Become the Benefactor to All Who Become His Children
Lesson Eleven: God Does Care and Has Prepared Heaven for the Saved!
Lesson Twelve: God Does Care... Do You?
Lesson Thirteen:   God's Care is Shown in the Establishment of His Church
Lesson Fourteen:   God Cares How We Hear
Lesson Fifteen:   God Cares How We Worship Him
Lesson Sixteen:   God Cares How We Serve Him
Lesson Seventeen:   God Cares That the Church Remains Pure
Lesson Eighteen:   God's Care is Shown in the Price Paid

The Beginning of our Confidence: A series of follow-up lessons for the new christian

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